2013; A Life-Changer

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If you’ve been there and done that, eaten this and eaten that, now is the time to tighten the reins. You can keep spinning out of control until January 1st, or you can slam on the brakes now, with a slight detour on New Year’s Day.

In our heads we picture our dreams for 2013. We are going to eat well, exercise often and adopt an all-around healthier attitude. So why worry now? Let the good times roll! However, it is this very attitude that keeps us stuck exactly where we are. Forever.

You see, there will always be another day, another better time to start the life of your dreams, another reason we can’t quite do it right now. Examine your thinking. Is this you? If so, that is the first thing that has to go in the upcoming year.

If you have been gaining and losing the same twenty pounds forever, a serious mind-motivational overhaul is in order. Today. Stop making excuses. There is no excuse for an unfulfilled life. We can find hundreds of reasons not to do what we should, so much easier than we can find the motivation to power us through. This will always be the case, unless we turn a deaf ear to all the excuses vying for position in our heads.

So take action now. Don’t wait until after January 1st to start your transformation. Take control of your life and walk solidly into the New Year with the strength and confidence you will need to get it done. 2013 is going to be a life-changer! Believe it.

Leave a comment below and tell me how your life is going to change in 2013. Make it big, bold and unbelievably beautiful!

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