A Sunday Touchdown

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Ah, Super Bowl Sunday. It is the last in a long line of eating events, and the end of a hefty holiday season.  No more excuses folks. The end is near.

For some of you, this will be a last hurrah of sorts. For those of you who committed to a New Year’s resolution of losing weight, this could be a tough one.

It is, after all, a long standing tradition to eat the “obligatory” SBS foods of nachos, pizza, wings, chips, pigs in a blanket, sliders, subs, chili, guacamole, cheese dip, etc.

If this is a day you know you will indulge; then be strategic.

Know in advance exactly what you will have and how much. Choose only the foods you truly love, and leave the rest. Stay fully hydrated with lots of water, because these foods tend to be salty, and because it will fill your belly. Eat a reasonable portion, and move on. It is, after all, about the game; although it can easily become about the food, especially when your team is on the losing end.  Be aware of the nervous noshing.

If you are of the mindset that you don’t want to be pulled off the good eating food wagon; then be prepared.

Whether it is your home or someone else’s, have (or bring) some healthier options you can feel good about eating. Things like cut up veggies and Greek yogurt dip, popcorn, frozen shrimp, salad and grilled chicken may not be as “fun”,  but they will keep you ( and most of the other women) satisfied and satiated with a lot less calories.

For those of you who know in advance that you will lose all control, rest assured that one day of debauchery should not send the needle on the scale careening too far to the right. It could however, put you on a collision course of disaster, if any of these foods are still in the house the next morning. So send your guests home with goody bags, or diligently feed the trash disposal before you go off to bed.

Enjoy the day with friends and family; and I wish you and your team victory.

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