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Annette Alfieri

Annette is the creator and founder of Annette Alfieri Nutrition: a weight loss & whole living studio that helps women and men reclaim healthy, energetic lives through diet-free living.

She has helped hundreds of people lose weight without dieting through her successful LightenUp! 6-Week Group Weight Loss Program, the DIY Flat Belly Detox, and private consultations.

A clinical nutritionist as well as a wellness and weight loss coach, Annette is also a former restrictive eater who discovered a better way to eat and live without the constant scrutiny of every bite. Her unique five-pronged approach takes the emphasis off of food and looks instead to lifestyle and behaviors for results that are truly transformational.

In Annette’s own words,

The way we feel about ourselves is the way we put ourselves out into the world. Releasing the constant constraints of dieting allows you to take that energy and redirect it into a happier, healthier way of living.

Annette has a master’s degree in Human Nutrition, and has completed various coaching programs, including Wellcoaches , The Institute of the Psychology of Eating and IIN.

Using a combination of motivation, mindset, awareness and nutrition, Annette is able to empower clients to create a smart, sustainable lifestyle that supports a healthy weight and a brighter outlook.

An energetic teacher, compassionate coach and motivator, she is a popular speaker in organizations, companies and schools.

Annette Alfieri Nutrition is located in Fairfield, CT, offering onsite and virtual private consultations for individuals and groups, carefully customized to ensure fast and lasting success.

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