Are You Being Held Captive By Your Trigger Food?

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Are you being held captive by your trigger food?

This is the food that calls to you in the middle of the night. The one food that if you know is in the house you will find it, and eat it; all of it. This is also the food that no amount will ever satisfy you, no matter how much you eat.

We all have them. At least one trigger, maybe more.

Trigger foods are like minefields; they will take you down and sabotage all your efforts to lose weight. They will manipulate your mindset, and laugh at any attempts of willpower.

So how can you gain control when a trigger is pointed right at you?

First and foremost, you need to identify what these foods are for you. And every one is different. I can leave my husband’s Entenmann’s chocolate cake sitting in the fridge untouched for days, but if my favorite crackers are in the cabinet, all bets are off. I will actually create reasons to have them with every meal.

You see, these tempting triggers have a serious hold on you. Some of it is a physical craving, and some of it is emotional. They just make us feel good. Oftentimes, it is these very foods that we may have sensitivity to. In other words, when you eat whatever the forbidden fruit is for you, your brain lights up like a carnival. The body experiences a soothing response from this particular food, increasing the desire to eat more.

When you know what your trigger is, it makes it easier to avoid an inevitable binge-fest.

While you are trying to lose weight, you need to keep your distance from your saboteurs. These foods cannot be in the house. Now that’s not to say you can never enjoy them again. You can and will enjoy them in moderation outside of your home, or in a perfectly pre-portioned snack pack.

For some people, even this small precaution is not enough.

That’s because a food can “own us” to the point of taking control of our actions. At all times, you need to be able to have the power of saying yes or no to anything you eat.

We give our power away to these addictions, so leveling the playing field is a must.

This can be achieved by completely removing the offending trigger from your diet until your body stops craving it. Put some distance between you and the enemy, and allow the food to lose its hold on you. Only then can you think clearly around it, and gain some control.

But beware, these tricksters can pop up at any time and take hold of your willpower again and again if you let them. Sometimes I’ll see clients give up crackers, but then start eating pretzels. In this case, wheat can take many forms. Don’t be deceived by a different disguise.

Rest assured though that these bad guys can be tamed. Eat them sparingly, in pre-packaged snack packs, and with total awareness. In time you’ll be the one pulling the trigger.

Leave a message below and tell me what your trigger foods are, and how you deal with them.

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