Are You Listening?

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That’s what I was.




I was doing my usual treadmill workout and hit a wall.

And thought I couldn’t go on.

My first inclination was to stop.

“Listen to the body”, is what I tell my clients.

What does it want? What is it saying? How do you feel?

So before I stopped; I listened.

And I did a body check. How was I feeling?

My legs were strong. My breathing was steady. No physical fatigue.

But my mind was another story.

It was my mind that was exhausted. And my will power was being challenged.

It was a classic case of mind over body. And let me tell you, the brain is a formidable opponent.

You know what I mean.

Have ever found yourself at the bottom of a pretzel box?

Or up to your elbow in a Lay’s potato chips bag?

Or fumbling with the last cracker at the end of a cellophane sleeve?

Dazed. Confused. Still wanting?

Be wary of bypassing the signals of the body, for the cravings of the mind.

If we think that we are tired, then we stop. If we think that we are hungry, then we eat.

The problem is we don’t listen often or deeply enough to what the body really needs.

We believe the mind when it tells us we are weak.

Or hungry.

Or lazy.

We accept “static” as truth.

But like a radio that plays between two stations, we have the ability to tweak the dial.

If you turn left you hear one song.

And if you turn right you hear something else.

What to do?

Be swept away by the music?

Or “tune in” to the meaning of the song?

Next time you find yourself doubting your stamina…

Or willpower or focus…

Go head to head with your thoughts.

Stay tuned in, and don’t be distracted by the beat.

Your body is talking to you.

Are you listening?

And by the way, I kept on running.

Leave a message below and tell me how you overcome your thoughts when they are getting the best of you?

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