Baking Apple Pies and Giving Thanks

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Baking Apple Pies and Giving Thanks

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and here on the East Coast it is a cold and rainy afternoon, just perfect for making apple pie. I love the feel of the fruit in my hands as I peel them, the smell of the spices, the smoothness of the dough, and of course the comforting aroma of cinnamon and apples.

As I bake, I listen to music and I reflect on all that is good from this past year. Yes, there have been challenges, but today, and for the remainder of 2013 it is about gratitude.

Thanksgiving has and always will be a holiday about food; purchasing, prepping, preparing and eating.

And oh how we love to eat all that is laid before us!

But the food is only a metaphor for thankfulness.

Eating is a way to satisfy ourselves, nurture others, show love, and to gather together the ones we care about. There is nothing more pleasurable than sharing a meal with family and friends.

So this holiday season I encourage you to enjoy the fruits of your labor; not just the food, but people, actions, and accomplishments. Savor and drink in what your life is, and what it can be.

Fill yourself up with gratitude.

For those who are trying to lose or maintain their weight, and find the temptation of food a challenge, remember this:

This is just one day and one meal

You are not obligated to eat everything, or finish anything

Deprivation is not a test and overindulgence is not a reward

You are not a bad person if you eat dessert; you are not virtuous if you don’t

You are surrounded by good friends and family, be present

There are many ways to feed a hunger; through the body, mind & soul

And so I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving filled with abundance, love and joy!

I am thankful for all of you.


Leave a message below and tell me what you are grateful for this holiday season.

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