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With all good things in life there must be balance. Food is no exception. When you are dealing with weight loss, it is very important to balance what you eat for good health, with what you eat for enjoyment. Often times we go the all or nothing route; eating well 100% of the time and then overindulging on foods that are forbidden. Food is meant to be enjoyed. We want to like what we eat and feel that we are satisfied. When you try to feed the body what it does not want, it will rebel. Let’s face it, diets are big on deprivation. In our minds there will always be “good” foods and “bad” foods. The reality is; all foods are good if you can eat them in moderation. The key is to listen to what your body wants. If you can feed your body what it is asking for, you will need less to feel satisfied and you will eat less in general. Any craving that is ignored will grow bigger and bigger.

So how do we accomplish this balance without getting bigger ourselves? The answer is to be mindful and aware. When you are hungry, ask yourself what the body is craving. Is it sweet, salty, crunchy or creamy? Hot or cold? If you can determine what the body really wants, you will satisfy your hunger with less and be happy. If we are really listening, sometimes what we need is not food at all. Perhaps it’s rest, or excitement or simply to be heard. Satisfy your inner hunger as well.

While you are indulging in your “treat”; savor it, enjoy it and be aware when you have had “just enough”. There is a balance here also; knowing when enough is enough. Too little, and you will be longing; too much will leave you feeling regretful. So starting today, be aware and be mindful and you will instinctively find your balance— not only with food, but in life.

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