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Baby, it’s cold outside! Here in New England we are buried under tons of snow. Unfortunately, with all the cancellations and reschedules, most of us are stuck indoors.  Crappy weather and nowhere to go creates the “perfect storm” for overeating and not exercising. So what can you do when your best intentions get derailed?

Recommit to your goals! Remember why you are losing weight in the first place. Look at how far you have come.

Recognize where the urge to eat is coming from. Let’s face it, when you are bored, cold and tired eating is a great extra-curricular activity. Find something else! Preferably something that involves both hands and no food. Like a project you have been putting off for days like these. Or, (brainstorm) exercise!

It’s hard to get to the gym when you can barely start the car. And the amount of clothes you need to put on just to get outside?!  Fuhgeddaboudit! But you can’t forget about it! If your eating is taking on a life of it’s own, the extra exercise will save you from looking like you are still wearing a big, puffy ski jacket in July. Remember, any exercise will do – shoveling, sledding, snow shoeing, walking the dog, etc. The point is to move. Get outside, or at the very least get out of the kitchen.

Hang on and weather the storms, before you know it the snow will melt (along with your waistline) and you will be able to amp up your efforts in warmer climes. Don’t waste these months. While other people are seeking “comfort” you could be getting “primed” for the best summer of your life!

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