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Mirror Your Way Thin

By · December 11, 2013 · Lose Weight · 1 Comment
Mirror Your Way Thin

Do you remember playing the mirror game when you were a child? You know, when you follow the actions of another person exactly? Well, believe it or not, that game is an ingenious tool when it comes to watching your weight during the holidays. Let me explain. So many people lead by example; and they […]

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

By · November 27, 2013 · Dieting Health Healthy Eating Lose Weight Maintaining Weight Through the Holidays Mindless Eating Nutrition Recipes smoothies Uncategorized Weight Loss Wellness · Leave a comment

Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie go together like smoothies and protein powder. Here’s a delicious twist on my favorite dessert. Since you can’t tote a pie to the office, this fits nicely right in your shaker bottle. Now you can enjoy it for breakfast, and all year round! Just one more reason to give thanks. 1.5 […]