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Why I’ve Been Gone

By · January 5, 2015 · Motivation · 28 Comments
Background Of Yellow Ripe Lemons.

There’s one thing I know for sure; when life sucks, you eat. I don’t care how disciplined you are, how much you think you know, how devoted to health, etc. When life gives you lemons, you better know how to make lemon meringue, because sometimes lemonade just won’t cut it. It’s a very strong person […]

Holiday Mini Motivators

By · November 13, 2014 · Motivation · 2 Comments
Woman Doing Sit Ups At Home

Halloween kicks off “feasting season”; that’s all the holidays from here to the big Super Bowl party in January. (That’s a lot of celebrating.) For most people this can be a challenging time with tempting foods, leftovers, cocktail parties, appetizers and bite-size delights that wreak havoc on your waistline and self-esteem. As the weather gets […]