Do You Need To Be Fixed?

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Do you ever feel that if you could just fix the weight problem, that all would be right with the world? That life would be perfect and you would suddenly be the person you were meant to be?

Fixing something implies that it is broken, and you, my friend, are completely whole and perfect.

Would you be a completely different person if your clothes tag had a smaller number on it? Or if the scale smiled back at you in the morning? Or you could wear a bathing suit to the beach? My guess is you would feel the same.

I have worked with many people who have lost all the weight they set out to lose, and are still unhappy, self-conscious and frustrated. Why? Perhaps the extra weight is serving a purpose. Maybe it is filling a void, or allowing you to hang back and live in the shadows instead of stepping out, or making a stressful job palatable.

There are hundreds of reasons why we eat. If eating for you serves as a coping mechanism, so be it.  But don’t blame the food or the excess weight, on you and your inability to stop eating. The real problem may be what is happening in your world right now, and how you are reacting to it.

Take a life inventory. What is not working for you? What drains your energy? What is working against your innate beliefs and values? These are the things that need to be fixed.  Not you. You must be able to take an honest look at what is really causing you to over eat. Then you need to change it, or change the way you are reacting to it (eating).

When you fix the whirl-windy stuff, the body can settle into the perfect picture of you. So put the emphasis where it really belongs; healthy eating, exercise and self-care will follow.

Sometimes life can take us on a detour that at times can seem impossible to find your way back from. A fulfilling life, deep friendships and dreams realized, will deliver us back to our perfect self.

Leave a comment below, and tell me what you could fix in your world that would make you feel great in your heart and body?

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