Eating Ice Cream While Losing Weight

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Smiling girl eating an ice-cream scoop in a waffle cone

Summer screams ice cream.

However, if you are trying to lose weight, this simple treat can quickly nudge the scale in the wrong direction.

So does this mean you have to forgo this warm weather goodness? Absolutely not.

In the world of lifestyle versus diet— no foods are off limits. However, there are limits to how much you can enjoy.

Here are some simple tips to keep the scale and your taste buds happy.

1. You can enjoy an occasional ice cream. That means once or twice a week; perhaps on the weekend or after a nice evening walk. Having a small indulgence every night, will not help your weight loss efforts.

2. Don’t keep containers of ice cream in the house. It’s too easy to make it an everyday (late night) “thing”. Go out and make it an excursion. Fun!

3. There are varying degrees of ice cream when it comes to calories. There’s the full fat variety, froyo, sherbet, sorbet, gelato and Italian ice. Don’t be fooled into thinking just because it is “lite” or yogurt that you can eat more.

4. Skip the toppings, cookie-blended shakes, and sundaes. It’s the ice cream you really want; ditch the rest.

5. Always order a small cone. This is the perfect size to give you the taste you want without over doing it. (You may have to practice saying “small”)

6. Choose a one-flavor variety. Butter Crunch Rocky Road will pack a lot more calories than a scoop of good ol’ strawberry.

7. Avoid self-serve ice cream shops. The mind always wants more than the body needs. Don’t fight the good fight, you will lose and end up eating 3x more than you would if it were in a cone.

8. Don’t be deceived by fancy coffee drinks or frappes. Just because it is hidden in a cup of coffee does not mean it’s not there.

9. Be smart about “ala modes”. Apple pie and ice cream are technically two desserts. Which would you rather?

10. Remember, this is a treat, not a meal. Don’t make it one.

11. Try preparing your own creations by blending frozen fruit. (Banana is especially creamy and delicious.)

12. When you do indulge….. ENJOY IT in the guilt-free zone. Eat slowly, savor the richness and breathe.

You see, summer just got a whole lot brighter.

Happy Memorial Day!

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