Embrace The Light(ness) for Winter Weight Loss

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Did you feel it?

Did you feel the shift in your energy these past two gorgeous days? Sunshine & warmth!

The sun is your friend and embracing the light is the quickest way to shedding those unsightly winter pounds.

Spring is traditionally a time of rebirth, and new beginnings. From the sight of the first budding flowers, to the clean warm air, the world is positively charged for change.

This is a good thing, and it can absolutely work in your favor as you begin to unfold and emerge from a long hibernation.

As soon as the temperature rises and the days get longer, you will start to feel a shift in your daily energy. Embrace it.

On beautiful spring days, it is important to get into the light. By harnessing the sun’s energy, you can make it part of your own.

Go outside and move. Move your body that has been sitting sedentary for too long. Pick up your pace, swing your arms, and breathe deeply.

Let the sun hit your face and your arms as you replenish some much needed vitamin D; an instant mood lifter.

With each new breath, take in the freshness of clean air and the promise of a new beginning. With every exhale breathe out the winter lethargy and stagnation. Let it go.

Shed the winter blahs, the heavy clothing & starchy comfort foods.

With the change in season, comes a change in appetite. Lighten your food choices with gorgeous spring veggies like asparagus, peas, radishes & artichokes.

Hydrate your body with glasses of lemon water and cool herbal teas.

Ditch the drawstring pants and sweats, and move to lighter fabrics and clothing that allow you to move and feel expansive.

After the long, lumbering winter, honestly assess where you are with your weight, fitness & wellness. What can you do that will make you feel vibrant, healthy and alive? Now is the time.

Do a detox, take a class, join a gym, clean up your diet; or gather some health conscious friends to walk with and keep you accountable.

Change is in the air and the sunshine. Take the energy from the earth and the season and run with it— like the wind!

It’s time to shed the winter darkness and embrace the light. Shine on.

What one thing can you do to make you feel alive and back in control? Leave me a comment below.

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