Feeding The Beast

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Stress is an insidious thing. It permeates our life in various and subtle ways. It invades our thoughts, our food choices and our relationships. While we know it as an omnipresent companion causing us worry, what we don’t know is how it affects our waistline.

Stress is the number one cause of weight loss resistance, and it is a big reason why we eat. There are many things that mask as hunger, and stress is the master manipulator.

When we are burnt out, we are looking for comfort, and the easiest way to feel comfort is to reach for food. Nothing soothes the soul quite like chocolate or pizza or pasta. However, these cravings are due to increased cortisol in your body, which causes your blood sugar levels to swing up and down. Cortisol is a hormone that is secreted in times of stress. It not only wreaks havoc with your blood sugar, it slows your digestion and likes to deposit fat on your waist. Nice.

So what’s a burnt-out gal to do? You need to feed the body what it really wants, and that is relief. Listen to the signs of a white flag unraveling within. When you feel you are at your limits, you need to step back, decompress and recharge. Usually it is sleep we are after, or maybe a long walk or bath. What you do not need is sugar, alcohol or caffeine, the very things that will drain you even further.

So the next time you are stressed and feeling like a non-stop nibbler, recognize it for what it is, and refuse to feed the beast. Feed the soul instead. 

Tell me how you unwind when life is blowing your ears back.

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