Fit 2 Fat… Truly Amazing!

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Recently my BFF brought to my attention an amazing segment on Nightline. This ran back in 2012, but somehow I missed it.

Drew Manning is a personal trainer who decided to go from being a very fit guy to a very fat one, to see if he could understand his clients better.

What he discovered was very interesting.  As his food and weight changed, so did his mindset and motivation.

So for those of you who know firsthand how hard it is to try to lose weight; know that there are hidden factors that come into play when you are eating poorly and not taking the time to move your body.

This is a true testament to the fact that we are what we eat, and think, and feel.

Click here to see the segment:  Fit2Fat

Check it out, and let me know your feelings on this in the comments below.

P.S. One of my favorite shows, MTV’s I Used to Be Fat is back for a second season. Yay!

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