Five Steps To A Fitter You

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Maintaining a regular fitness routine is not easy.

When things get tough, physical activity falls by the wayside.

With September fast approaching, now seems like a great time to reassess and get serious about what you would like to achieve.

Here are five steps to get you exercising again, keep you motivated, and give you the fit and toned body you want.

Think big, start small

Have a grand vision as to where you want to go with your fitness level; maybe run a half marathon, look great in those skinny jeans, or have a killer booty or Michelle Obama arms.

Whatever your fitness dream; you have to start somewhere. Start so incredibly small, you can’t help but be successful. An overly ambitious beginning can lead to a premature end, due to strained muscles, a sore back and lack of motivation.

If waking up and lacing your sneakers for one week is all you can muster; do it. It’s about forming a habit around exercise. From there you can walk to the mailbox, then half a block, etc.

If you leave it to chance, chances are it won’t happen

You have to have a solid plan as to when you will exercise. Don’t think you will just fit it in. There are so many things on our to-do list every day. If you are not presently physically active, that’s because it isn’t scheduled.

Actually look at your calendar, and map out an agenda. Those who work out first thing in the morning have a higher success rate than those who put it off for later. However, if mornings aren’t your thing, find a pocket in your day that can work for you.

Be prepped

Have everything you need to begin. Sneakers by the bed, a packed gym bag, a set routine. The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to stay on task.

Don’t just wander around the gym, be purposeful. Have a plan and follow it. Know exactly what you have to do, and how much time. Don’t make working out a time-suck. Get in, get out, and get on with your day.

Planning is where it’s at.

What gets measured, gets managed

What numbers mean the most to you? The number on the scale, the size of your waist, or how many miles you can walk? You need a goal to reach in order to know when you have been successful. Having a target keeps you focused and moving forward. Whatever your dream, make sure it can be measured in some way.

Success is a real confidence booster, and keeps you striving for more.

Plan to succeed

Once you begin, lock the exit door behind you. Know that with perseverance, hard work, and focus, you will be successful. In fact, start living your life as though you have already achieved everything you have set out to accomplish.

The mind is a powerful muscle; exercise positivity and hope every single day.

“I got this”, should become your daily mantra.

So there you have it; five easy ways to get back on the exercise wagon.

Leave a comment below and tell me what your simple goal for this week will be. And don’t forget to fill me in on everything that you accomplish, big or small.

I can’t wait to congratulate you!

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