Fourth of July, Freedom & Food

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Happy Fourth of July! This weekend is all about freedom, and I want you to think about what it would be like for you to have freedom around food.

So much energy goes into thinking about, planning, preparing and avoiding what we should and should not eat. If you are in the process of losing weight, multiply this by 10.

That’s a lot of energy wasted; never to return.

What if you could just eat what you wanted, stop when you’ve had enough, and feel so unburdened by the thought of food that you simply ate when you were hungry and moved on? Now that’s freedom.

Freedom is defined as: “The capacity to exercise choice; free will”. This is the antithesis of dieting.

So the only way to get the freedom you deserve is to stop dieting. This means no food is off limits, and there will be days that are less than perfect.

Feeling free comes from the knowledge that you can self-correct at any time. It means that your body will tell you when enough is enough, and you have all the answers you need.

So try something this upcoming weekend; listen, pay attention, and be aware. And TRUST that you know what to do.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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