Freedom To Eat

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Happy Fourth of July! It’s all about freedom. Wouldn’t it be great to have freedom from dieting? To be the type of person who eats when they are hungry, stops when they are satisfied, and never has to count another calorie? You can.

The dieting paradigm has plagued most of us for as long as we can remember. And for as long as we can remember we have been obsessed with weight. That’s because where you put your attention is what you get more of. If dieting hasn’t worked so far, it’s not going to. Change your mindset.

Make it a celebration, much like today! The last day you will scrutinize another bite. Vow to release yourself from the daily blame of not eating “right”. This means you will have to start listening to your gut. When I talk about your gut, I mean your stomach as well as your instincts.

Stop fighting against food and your appetite and your inner wisdom. If I am honest, I know I have not been feeding myself well for the last few weeks. I know this. And this knowledge allows me to make it right. If you know you overeat when you are tired, then you know what you need to do, sleep. If having a little chocolate after dinner makes you happy and stops you from craving and binging on this food, then you need to incorporate it into your life.

The quickest way to be free from a lifetime of dieting is to be honest with yourself. “What do you need to be truly happy?” After all, food is just food, it doesn’t hold the key to happiness.

So starting today, make this your own day of independence from dieting. Let the fireworks begin!

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