George Forman & Me

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I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with George Foreman; the grill that is.

For years my husband had been asking for the George Foreman Grill. To me, this was an appliance for those who could not cook, certainly not for the kitchen of a first generation Italian.

It also was an added piece of equipment that I would have to find space for when the interest waned and the grease started to harden.  Eventually, I knew it would be sold off in the next garage sale with the popcorn popper, the deep fryer and the cotton candy machine.

But, I was wrong. George is the man. So why do I love this guy, I mean grill, so much? It is a clean eater’s best friend!

A large part of being successful in your weight loss efforts is being prepared with healthy food options. I am always encouraging my clients to get into the habit of carrying a cooler, and prepping meals in advance. The biggest complaint I hear is that there is no time to cook the healthy meals you need.

Well this little grill solves the problem. It takes just a few minutes to heat, and when it is ready, it cooks up your protein quickly (8 – 10 minutes) and with no oily mess.  Any grease slides right out of the grill, so you are left with just a healthy piece of protein. No extra dishes to wash, no oven to heat, and no standing over the stove. You can just shut the lid, put on the timer, and walk away.

Last week in between appointments, I cooked a whole package of chicken tenders for a week’s worth of salad toppings, an easy go-to snack option, and a light dinner.  The choices are endless.

So if finding the time to prep your food for the week is a problem for you, I recommend the George Forman Grill. It really is a knock-out!  In fact, it will knock out the excuses, the time and the fat. Sounds like a winner.

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