Get in the Game

By · February 26, 2010 · Dieting Healthy Eating Nutrition Weight Loss · 2 Comments

One of the things we have learned from the Olympics is that the body can do amazing things. When the mind and body are in sync, anything is possible. The same is true of weight loss. You need to be ready. Your mind has to be in the game. If you think like a lean, healthy person; you become one. That’s because our thoughts create who we areĀ and what we can accomplish. I tell my clients to adopt the mantra, “I am an athlete.” Whether you are or not, doesn’t matter. If you think like an athlete you make better choices. Food choices become very clear. Picture Lance Armstrong sitting on the sofa eating chips, watching The Biggest Loser. I doubt it. He is active, he’s moving, he eats good foods that will fuel his body. Foods that will extend his energy and make him strong. You need to apply this philosophy to your own eating. What can you eat that will make you healthier, stronger, happier in mind and spirit? When you can imagine the possibilites; success will be yours.

I am an athlete. I am an athlete. I am an athlete…

Get in the Game

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  1. Great blog entry! Got to get in the game!!!
    Thanks for inspiring! Best, C

    Connie Cusick February 28, 2010 at 10:15 am #
  2. What a great mantra! I think that is a very motivational passage! You are right, thinking like an athlete will definitelyy influence our decisions.

    Jolene November 21, 2010 at 2:36 pm #

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