Get Out Of The Way

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It’s summer! And I want you to think about the New Year’s Resolution you made way back in January. Did you achieve it? If yes, then good for you! If the answer is no, that’s okay – for now. Sometimes we can only do what we can do. Life has an uncanny way of derailing our goals. But what you have to realize, is that life will always do this. For example, think about how many times you have made the very same New Year’s Resolution. So I ask you,” Is life getting in the way, or are you getting in the way?”

Think about the goals you have set for yourself in the past. Why are we able to achieve some goals and not others? The mind is an interesting thing; it gets what it truly wants.  You may believe that you really want to lose this weight or you really want to feel better.  But maybe what you really want is what you believe you will get after the weight is lost. Perhaps you want to feel good about yourself again, or maybe you believe eating better will give your life energy and vitality. So you see, it’s the end game that really matters. Feeling good about yourself is not just about losing weight, it’s about dressing well, being good at something and putting yourself out there. Bringing more energy into your life is more about doing work that is meaningful, having close relationships and appreciation for all that you are and have.

If you can follow the path of what you really want to the very end of the road, what is waiting for you? This is what you need to work on, and everything else will fall into place. Food will lose its hold on you, eating healthy will come naturally, because we will no longer need it to fill the void of what is lacking in our lives.

So start again, but start at the end and work your way backwards. The journey will be effortless and much more interesting.  But remember, time moves forward with or without you. Are you coming?

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