Going for Gold

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Nothing is more inspiring than the Olympic Games. These are true athletes that have trained their bodies and their minds to settle for nothing less than the best. When is the last time you have done this in your own life?

Success can mean many things. Think back to the times you have set a goal for yourself and achieved it. The feeling of success is addictive. It doesn’t have to be an all-out game changer. It can be as simple as putting your feet on the floor as soon as your alarm clock rings so you can get in a good workout. It can be saying no after one slice of cake. It can be looking in the mirror and instead of wincing, liking what you see.

Every day that goes by is filled with many mini successes, but we only notice The Gold. There is a psychology behind the bronze medals in life. It is called self-efficacy: our belief in our abilities to succeed. And the more you succeed in the little things, the stronger this belief becomes.

Don’t get caught up in other people’s achievements and belittle your own. There is an energy in success, ours and someone else’s. That is why the Olympics are so exciting to watch; it reminds us how truly great we can be.

So keep acknowledging your achievements, however great or small. Every positive step in life has it’s own rewards. You, my friend, are already a winner!

Tell me about your personal best in the comments below. What did you accomplish and how did it feel?

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