You HaveTo Ask For It

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You Have To Ask For It

Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since I have written, as Annette Alfieri Nutrition has been undergoing a facelift. Bear with me through the recovery stage. I hope you like what you see!

I love the promise of a new year. It’s a time of rebirth, renewal and appreciation.

Taking stock of the past, and looking forward to a bright new future, is what life’s all about.

Progress, dreams and aspirations; we all have them.

But sometimes life doesn’t always deliver what we had hoped for, and it is during these times that we refuse to wish for something more.

However, it is the bumps in the road that make us stronger and more willing to fight for what we deserve.

One thing I have noticed (as this has been a recurring theme with my children this week), is that when we need help the most, is when we refuse to ask for it.

We shut down, give up, or turn inward and withdraw. Yes, sometimes it is necessary to do all of the above, but we can’t live in that place for long.

What we fail to realize during trying times, is that people genuinely want to help. They really do! And when we want help the least, is probably when we need it the most.

If you are still struggling with your weight, or your fitness levels, or your energy; reach out! I am always here for you. But understand that there are others that are there for you as well. Don’t assume that everyone knows you are struggling; they do not.

It is up to you to take the first step and ask for what you need.

Sometimes it takes a village, and other times it just takes a friend or two.

You deserve to have the bright, big, beautiful future of your dreams. Ask and you shall receive.

2014 is YOUR year!

In the comments below tell me what your big dreams are for the upcoming year.

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