Having The Bathing Suit Blues?

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Having The Bathing Suit Blues?

Making the switch from winter to summer clothes is a big one; especially if you’ve been wearing your favorite stretched out sweat pants and hoody since October.  With all that extra leg room, and the flexibility of an adjustable waistband, you might not have noticed that you gained a few pounds.

However, reality hits when you try on your warm weather wardrobe, only to find that your shorts are a bit too snug (and short), your dresses aren’t fitting right, and that bathing suit you managed to find last year is never going to happen.

Does this sound like you?

Actually, you are not alone. Once we are asked to “bare all” in the light of day, it can bring up much insecurity about body image.

And while you may be thinking this is it, I blew it, not this summer, not again… hold on! All is not lost.

You have the ability to turn it around today. That’s right. Make the choice to clean up your act right now.

The truth is it’s never as bad as it seems. Ever.

You don’t need to lose a huge amount of weight to feel better about yourself. A little progress could be just enough to give you the confidence you need to get out there and have some fun.

Many of my clients have found that after losing just five pounds, it put them in a totally new mindset.

So don’t spiral off into panic land.

Aim to move the scale just a few pounds this week by eating right, moving your body, and thinking positively.  Next week, do it again.

It really is that simple.

Now leave me a message below about 3 small things you can do this week to move yourself forward.  Just 3 small things…

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