Healthy Oatmeal & Eggs

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This is truly the breakfast of Champions!

¼ cup of plain oats (like Quaker Oats)
2 Tbs. of Wheat Germ
2 Tbs. of Ground Flax Seed
½ cup berries
Splash of Milk (I like almond milk)
3 eggs, boiled

Measure ¼ cup of oatmeal into bowl. Add Wheat Germ and Ground Flax Seed. Mix to blend. Add just enough water to cover oatmeal and place in microwave for 2 minutes. Add a splash of milk to taste. Pour ¼ cup of berries over the top.

Peel boiled eggs, pitch out yolks, and eat the whites. If no time to boil eggs, add a tablespoon of protein powder to cooked cereal and stir.

Healthful Tip: – These dry ingredients travel well in a baggie to the office, airport, hotel, etc. Add hot water right into bowl, enough to cover the cereal. Place a small plate over the top of bowl and let sit for 5 minutes. Cereal will be cooked and ready to enjoy.  

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