Here Is The Key

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Who are you going to be in this big world? In this fleeting life? What are you going to allow yourself to accomplish? I am asking these questions directly to you, because only you can decide and make it happen. How long can you go on saying, “I’m going to?” Or I really should?” Unfortunately, these statements can be repeated forever. And then of course, here you are. As you are.

I’m not trying to be all tough love about it, but I do want to shake you into reality. We stay stuck, myself included, in our own beliefs about who we are and who we can actually become. There are a million reasons why we can’t stake our claim to this earth. The truth is, there are no limits once you get out of your head. Once you buy into the fact that you can do this (whatever “this” is for you).

For most of my clients, the “this” is weight loss and good health and feeling great. Of course, who wouldn’t want that? And even though we know we want this, we still can’t stop with the bad habits we created long ago. The mind just hasn’t caught up. We continue to spin in an endless cyclone of negativity and self-doubt. It’s called, being human.

It helps to remember that your life is lived from moment-to-moment. Which means, you do have your hands on the steering wheel. You can turn right or you can turn left. You can eat cake or you can eat fruit. You can be active or you can lie down.

When the mind jumps on board with the body, and you know where you want to go, the road will magically appear. The key is believing.

Leave a message below about what you are going to accomplish this month. Writing it down makes it real and sets the wheels in motion.

Here Is The Key

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  1. I am going to stop mindlessly eating as I cook/clean up from our family dinners!

    Kelly September 17, 2012 at 4:27 pm #

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