How to Stay Motivated

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When you first start losing weight the pounds come off fairly quickly. Every loss is a reason to celebrate. However, as time goes on, and the numbers slow or stall halfway from your goal, how do you stay motivated to keep on keeping on? Remember, this is a marathon not a race, and every mile will have its fair share of challenges. But what happens when you just run out of steam and all the mojo is gone?

You need to find your “mojovation”. What is motivating you? What do you want? Basically, you have to get clear and redefine your goals. Oftentimes clients will choose a goal and stick with it even when it is no longer serving them. For instance, let’s say you wanted to lose weight to look good for the summer. Well, summer has come and gone. Goal finished, but maybe not completed.  You have to find a new reason to push forward. Remember, goals are fluid. What works one day, may not motivate you the next. This is why it is so important to re-assess at every turn.

Look at the big picture. Where are you headed? What will be the ultimate prize? Everybody’s motivation is different, but everybody has a mental image of what there life could be. Sit with that picture for a while until it is in perfect focus.

Now, choose some weekly goals. What small steps can you take this week? If you were running a marathon, buying a new pair of sneakers would be a good first step. Totally do-able and one step closer. Keep stringing small steps together until you reach a mile. Miles turn into marathons.

Having a daily goal will keep you more fully engaged. Take a few minutes each morning to decide what healthy thing you will do (based on your big picture) to move you even closer. These are “cumulative inchworms” that make a big difference in the long run, and usually end up becoming daily habits. Things like drinking 8 glasses of water, or aiming for an extra serving of veggies, or no sugar for one day. These small steps can really sharpen your focus, and your determination.

And finally, acknowledge the successes, at the end of every day and every week. These achievements, no matter how small, count. This is where the mojo comes from. It’s the realization that you are moving closer and closer to your goal. And when that momentum kicks in, you WILL be unstoppable. So get your “mojovation” on!

Your homework is to leave me a comment below and tell me three things:

  1. What’s your big picture
  2. What steps will you take this month
  3. What are your “cumulative inchworms” for the week
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