I Am Not Perfect

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My clients think I’m perfect. I am not.

I have fallen off the food wagon sometimes so hard, that I actually hit my head.

I have been known to eat chips, and not exercise, and think negative thoughts.

In fact, it’s what got me into nutrition in the first place; my obsession with right and wrong.

And being perfect.

If I ate completely healthy and clean, and exercised harder than everyone else; all was right with the world.

If I allowed myself to eat what I really wanted, and had too much, and skipped the gym; well, those were bad, really bad days.

There was right and there was wrong.

There was black and there was white; but there was no “in-between”. 

Until I realized, that “in-between” is where life really is; the human zone.

I don’t live on the outskirts any more. I’m older, and I’m tired, and I don’t want to obsess about that last bite if it gives me joy.

However, now I know what I like.

I appreciate the finer things in life like good, healthy food. And I notice a difference in my body (and my attitude) if I feed myself right.

Also, I generally like to move. I have not taken a single walk where I don’t acknowledge the strength of my legs and how well they carry me. I want to remember this, because some day they won’t.

Of course, I like to feel good about myself and the way I look. While this takes some effort, it no longer consumes me.

With food, I’ve come to realize there will be some days of road-to-hell proportions, and those so perfect you wish you could maintain forever. But it’s the in-between days, like the meat of a sandwich, that really sustain us.

This is what food has taught me.

What about you? What has your food story been, and what has it taught you?

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