If You Hate It, Don't Eat It

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Think about what you are eating. Are you eating so clean you can’t stand it? If you are eating foods you don’t really care for because they are healthy, than you are doing more harm than good. Never eat what you hate! It’s the golden rule of weight loss. That being said, you can’t eat brownies all day either. You must eat what the body enjoys and craves. Otherwise you will never be happy or satisfied, and not being satisfied means a binge is right around the corner. I have so many clients who tell me they eat salad without dressing. Is this really palatable to most people? My guess it is not. This goes back to the punishing attitude that diets are all about deprivation. In fact, diets are all about deprivation. That is why you have to make the choice to change your lifestyle and the way you eat, not change to another diet until one sticks. A little dressing on your salad is not going to tip the balance either way. A lot of dressing will.

Take a look at what you are eating. Take a look at what you enjoy. Can you take what you enjoy and make it healthier? For instance, bake your fries instead of deep frying them. Go one step further by using sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. Look at everything you eat, and take it one step closer to healthy. Can you use turkey instead of ground beef in your chili? Or, vegetable and beans instead of turkey? How about desserts? If you can’t skip it completely, would baked fruit suffice? Or a small piece of dark chocolate? Really try to give a healthy “re-do” to all your favorite splurges. There are literally thousands of recipes online for every food you could imagine.

So my challenge to you is to take the one unhealthy food you enjoy the most and spin it! Make it something healthy you can have on a consistent basis. And more importantly, something you can enjoy. Remember, food is meant to be enjoyed and savored – hard to do when you just want to get it over with. And if you do end up having that piece of cake; make it small, make it last, and then move on. Satisfied.

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