I'm Deprived (I Think)

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When we think of diets, we automatically think of deprivation. I don’t believe in diets, and I don’t ever tell people they can’t have their favorite foods; I tell them they just can’t have them all the time. And even though I believe in adding, instead of taking away, the pervasive feelings of deprivation still remain for some people.

If you are programmed to feel that any changes to your present diet will be uncomfortable for you, then they will be. Not all change is bad. In fact, it can be exactly what you need to turn your life around.

It is true that we connect our emotions to food. This is why when certain foods are taken away we are left feeling empty, both physically and emotionally. So the key is not to leave a void, but to add so many healthy alternatives that the old choices get crowded out, and eventually left behind.

Also, think about what it means to you to be “deprived”. Since we inexorably link diet and deprivation together, we may feel we are lacking even when we are not. Thinking you are deprived, and actually being deprived, is two different things. So take the time to write your food choices down for one day. Look to see if you are eating enough. Sometimes just by looking at the whole picture, and realizing that you are eating plenty of food, is enough to help you let go of the feeling of lack.

Eating should be a pleasurable and enjoyable experience. It should fill you with energy and make you feel alive. If the foods you are presently hanging on to are not filling this requirement, then you really are deprived.

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