It's The Climb

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Sometimes when something is hard, it seems insurmountable. Like weight loss. It is a journey that runs wide and deep. For those who have a lot to lose, it can seem impossible.

I remember one summer I took a bike trip in Sonoma. Since I had not been on a bike for many years, the hills were the most challenging part. It was during one of these uphill climbs that I learned a very valuable lesson that can apply to so many areas of life.

I noticed there were two groups of riders; those that preferred to look straight ahead and those who looked down. The riders that looked up, had a tendency to give up, take a detour, or complained with every turn of the pedal. Those that looked down had tremendous focus and a strength that came from within; an amazing blend of determination and mind-over-body control. We, and I say we, because I was a “head down”, trusted that we would get there.  We didn’t know how long it would take, but we knew if we did the work, stayed the road, and believed— the top of the hill would most definitely appear.

We make choices every day that seem so small, we don’t think they really matter; but they do. Every inch of ground that is covered, every rotation of the wheel, moves you forward. Trust that this is so, (just as every hill has its climb). Focus on the here and now and put every fiber of your being into it. You will gather momentum, strength and velocity as you go.

So as you point your bike to the sky; put your head down, stay the road, and trust that you will get there. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to enjoy the ride. I’m with you.

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