Just Breathe

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Here come the Holidays like a gale-force wind. Things are happening so quickly now, it can literally take your breath away. But there is one thing you must remember to do— breathe! That’s right.  Just breathe…

Breathe into the situation. Breathe into yourself. Keep breathing until you are centered, calm and know exactly what you want – food and otherwise. When times get busy, there is franticness to everything around us. This extends into our eating. We eat fast, uncontrollably and with abandon. Our life’s rhythm has been altered. It is up to you to slow it down, to eat mindfully and with awareness. This can easily be accomplished if you breathe. Deep breathing helps us to modulate our pace.

Think of meal and snack times as speed bumps, forcing you to slow down. While the world around you spins, eating and mealtimes should be relaxed and enjoyable. The next time you sit down to eat:

 Take five deep, lung expanding breaths.

Feel yourself slowly unwinding. Release any tension and relax into the moment.

Do not start eating until you can actually see, smell and taste what is in front of you. This may take a few minutes.

Continue to eat until you are slightly full. 

At the end of the meal, take time to appreciate the food you just enjoyed.

And finally, take five deep, lung expanding breaths before you hit the ground running again.

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