Lean on Me

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Today was the last class of one of my 6-Week Group Weight Loss Programs. As always, I am amazed at the transformations that take place both mentally and physically. But more importantly, what blows me away every time is the power of the group dynamic.

So often we think we are alone in our journey to get healthier, that we are the only ones who struggle. But the reality is, regardless of where you are on the path, every pound is lost in the same way. There is great relief in realizing you are not alone!

Hearing other people’s experiences and stories, sharing suggestions and tips, working together for a common goal is both comforting and empowering. No man is an island. In fact, you are a product of the very people you surround yourself with.

So don’t be afraid to look for like-minded people who are as committed as you to losing the weight and the struggle forever.  One day you may need someone to lean on, and someday someone may need to lean on you.

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