Life's a Peach

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On the side of the road in Bridgeport is an old, dilapidated truck that sells the most delicious white peaches in all of Connecticut. Every year I wait for these amazing fruits.

They signify summer and healthy eating at its best.

Have you ever tasted a white peach? I believe it is as close to perfection as you can get.

The aroma, sweet as perfume. The juicy pinkish-white flesh of the center.  The perfectly right amount of sweetness.

 A food that brings so much joy and leaves no guilt!

I wonder if there is anything manmade that can come as close to perfection as this? I know some of you would argue with me, but hear me out.

Nature’s foods are instantly healthier, contain the perfect combination of nutrients, are recognized by the body as an energy source, and in its perfect unadulterated state will contain fewer calories than its manipulated counterpart.

Whole foods contain no additives that can leave you wanting more long after the pleasure is gone.

Feeling good about what we eat is a big part of satisfaction; before, during and after the very last bite.

How many foods are you enjoying now that are guilt-free? In other words, which foods do you eat now that leave you feeling badly physically and emotionally long after the goods are gone? You may say, “I wish I hadn’t eaten all of those brownies.” You may never say, “I wish I hadn’t eaten all of those peaches.” In fact, it may not even occur to you to eat more than one or two peaches at a sitting.

Why is that?

Because nature will always supply what the body needs, in the perfect container, and in the correct proportions. It’s only when we turn away from the “good stuff”, that the body rebels. Eating more brownies, or bread or pizza may fill a void, but it does not fill the body up with what it really desires.





There is great satisfaction to be found in simplicity. A perfect example is the lovely white peach.

Try this Peachy Challenge. Find a perfectly ripe white peach, sit quietly and do nothing else but slowly enjoy the engagement of the senses; sight, touch, aroma and taste. Notice how it makes you feel (happy, satisfied, joyful, etc.). Now ask yourself, “What other foods can give me this much pleasure before, during and after I have eaten them?”

Remember, life is all about finding the simple joys. Quite simply, life’s a peach.

Take the Peachy Challenge and leave a message below about what you discovered about yourself and your taste buds.

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