Memorial Day?! Don't Sweat It!

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Spring has finally sprung! Just in time for summer.

The cold weather has tricked us into thinking we had more time to clean up our eating and get in shape. Now after a long season of baggy sweat pants and layers, you may be finding yourself with a large pile of snug-fitting summer clothing.  What to do?

Don’t panic. You can still look great this season with a few tried and true tips.

First off, try on all your summer clothes and non-judgmentally assess the damage. Often times it is not as bad as we think.  This benefit of this little exercise is that it will give you all the motivation you need to get moving again.

And moving is what you have to do to get yourself out of a sedentary funk. Now that the weather is warmer and the days are longer, sunshine and fresh air can do wonders for your attitude and body. So get shaking. Implement a fitness plan and stick to it.

Start drinking plenty of water to hydrate your body, get your energy levels up and make your metabolism more efficient.

Consider doing a detox to cleanse the body of chemicals you are exposed to on a daily basis through food, water and air. Toxins slow the body down making you sluggish and unable to lose weight.  Even a mild detox can make you feel lighter, clearer in thought, less bloated, and a few pounds down. As an added benefit, you will also knock out poor eating habits and kick-start weight loss.

Start cleaning the heavy winter staples out of your diet, and begin eating healthier foods like salads, fruit, green leafy vegetables and fish—foods that your body will naturally start turning towards as the weather heats up.

Buy a few new pieces of clothing that look great on you until your present wardrobe starts fitting nicely again. We always feel better when we look in the mirror and like what we see.

And lastly, don’t sweat it. Attitude is everything. Rock what you’ve got whatever the size, and plan to be looking and feeling your best this summer.

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