Mind Your Mouth

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When it comes to weight loss, the first place to start is in your head. The mouth and the brain are intimately connected. And even though they live in the same house, one might not know what the other is doing. For instance, you could be mouth-happy and brain-dead. It’s called mindless eating, and anyone who has ever struggled with their weight knows what this means.

It’s all about awareness. Think about how many times in a day you unconsciously pop food in your mouth. Maybe it’s your son’s last bite, or a candy from the candy jar, or the last handful from the box. It’s these “bittersweet bites” that leave you longing for the body you always dreamed of.

Weight gain happens when you are not paying attention. It’s a fact. Can you remember a time when you ate a whole sleeve of crackers, and only realized when your hand hit the bottom? No taste + no pleasure + no satisfaction = overeating.

Your mind wants to enjoy the food as much as your mouth. Food is sensory and should be savored. Oftentimes, I have clients who tell me they love food and everything about it. And yet, they rush through meals, multitask while eating, and barely chew their food. How is this love?

Eating in and of itself is a ritual, and should be treated as such. The body is primed for peak digestion (and weight loss) when it is in a relaxed state. From here on out, I encourage you to sit for every meal and snack. At home, only eat at the kitchen table. At work, eat away from your desk. Breathe deeply, chew slowly, savor your food and enjoy.

Mindless eating cannot happen when the brain is engaged. And when the brain and the mind are in sync, there is satisfaction in the body.

What are some of the foods you eat mindlessly throughout the day? Now that you  know, how will you change it?

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