One Simple Step To Success

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One Simple Step to SuccessThink of all the times you’ve been challenged in life, and for whatever reason, maybe it was too hard, or too scary, or just too much to handle, you decided to step back.

Unfortunately for most of us, we step back a lot.

We step back from getting the body we want, or the goal we haven’t reached, or the one thing that would make our life complete.

Why do we do this?

It’s human nature to not want to venture into uncomfortable turf. Even though we what this “thing” so badly we can taste it, we just can’t get the mind and the body to sync into action.

And inactivity is the death of the soul.

So how do you keep moving in the direction of your dreams when your thoughts and actions are mired in quicksand?

You step forward.


What would your life be like if every time you faced a challenge, instead of stepping back, you stepped forward?

I’m not even asking you to step up. I’m just challenging you to step forward.

Want to lose weight? Be more fit? Feel strong and healthy? Step forward.

For me, I can remember all the times I pulled back from what I really wanted, and I can’t help but wonder what my life would have been like if I just stuck my foot out.

Well, life is too short to wonder.

From here on out, I am stepping forward and I think you should do the same. It’s a small thing that will have a seismic effect on your whole life; now and forever.

I challenge you to feel the power of these two words: STEP FORWARD.

Then do it.

Leave a message below and tell me how you plan to step forward in your own life, and how this makes you feel.

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