One Ugly But

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Everybody has a “but”. A big, ol’ ugly “but” that keeps us from doing what we need to do. “I know I should be eating better, but…” “I know I should lose weight, but…” I would workout, but….). It is these recurring “buts” that keep you sitting on your real butt, doing nothing.

Weight loss is all about mindset. It has little to do with genetics, really. We all know when we are living a healthy life, and when we are not. Every minute of every day we choose to make a decision that will affect our lives, either positively or negatively. Sometimes, life is just a mind game. In other words, it’s all in how you spin it.

What if, like your butt, you could reshape the “buts” in your head? Well you can. It’s as simple as taking a negative and making it something you can live with. Let’s give it a try. “I know I should be eating better, but I don’t have the time, but I know if I make the time I will feel so much happier.”  “I know I should workout, but I hate it, but I know I would feel so much better about myself if I do.” “I should order the fish, but I really want a burger and fries, but I know I will look so killer in my new dress if I stick with a healthier option.” The key here is to spin the first negative but, into a positive one.

This week catch yourself in the act of “but”-ing and fix it. You may like this post, but you will be tempted to disregard it, but I know if you give it a try it may just be the kick in the butt you’ve been looking for.

Leave me a comment below about how you kicked “but” this week.

One Ugly But

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