Smart Women, Poor Food Choices

By · March 20, 2014 · Wellness · 2 Comments
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Have you ever thought about how ironic it is that you can be so great at all the other areas in your life, but when it comes to food, you can’t quite get it right?

How is it possible that you can raise a family, be kick-ass at your job, volunteer, juggle a busy schedule, and yet be rendered completely ineffective when faced with a cupcake?

It makes no sense. Right?

This is what I hear a lot. And yet, it makes perfect sense.

Here’s why.

You enter each one of the major areas in your life with complete faith that you are competent.

You are prepared, you have contingency plans, you do research if you have to; but when it comes to health and wellness, YOUR health and wellness, you kind of wing it.

You think I’ll see how it goes… I’ll see how I feel…I’ll get to it tomorrow. And somehow eating better or exercising doesn’t get done, and it never gets the attention it deserves.

The reality is it just feels too selfish to focus on you and your wellbeing when there are so many other things that need your attention. Right?

Add to this the fact that you don’t believe you can be successful in weight loss, because you have failed so many times before.

So the excess weight weighs heavily in more ways than one, causing you to shove it even further down on your hierarchy of priorities.

Here’s a reality check; until your health and wellbeing are important enough to gain a spot on your “to do” list you can never succeed.

You get what you focus on, and that is why you are so successful in those other areas. You have committed to being the best you can be.

Now if you could just take the same focus and energy you would give to your job, or family members or any other responsibilities you have; and put it into your health, or fitness, or weight loss you would find that you can reach your goals in these areas as well.

There is no mystery to it. Fashion your life around your priorities.

And guess what? You happen to be one of them.

This week look at your “to do” list and move yourself to the very top. What would you do differently if you were your main priority? Leave a message below.

Smart Women, Poor Food Choices

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