This Is Why You Are Stuck

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Did you know that wanting to lose weight is just an obstacle keeping you from your perfect self?

It’s everything that is standing in your way. (I know, I lived it.)

It is so easy to think, “Well, if I lost the weight I would do this. I would be this.”

But would you?

People who achieve their weight loss goals are no happier than people who don’t after a while.

For many of you, all you know is you want to lose weight. If there is a pill you will take it, if there is a solution you will decipher it, if there is an answer you will find it.

However, the real secret is about seeing you as that perfect person today.

You might be thinking, “But my perfect self is 30 pounds lighter than I am.” You may be right; but that person who is 30 pounds lighter thinks and acts very differently than you do right now.

So who is this person you envision yourself to be?

Know exactly what you want. Have a picture so clearly etched in your mind and start acting as you imagine your future self might act.

Are you eating clean? Exercising consistently? Living a healthy and active lifestyle?

None of these things have to wait until tomorrow. Start today.

If you start living that amazing life right now, that is where you will end up.

Remember, thoughts create and action builds momentum.

Set your sights on the sky, and soar!

Greatness has no weight limit. (Tweet it)

What is your goal for yourself and the future? Leave a comment below and put it out there in the universe.

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