Summer Slackin'

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I’m noticing a trend here. Many of you have come in for a weigh-in this week only to see the scale going  in the wrong direction (up). What’s UP with that?? Well this is called Summer Slackin’ Weight Gain. So while we think we will eat lighter in the warmer months, which we do; and we will no longer crave heavier comfort foods, which we don’t; we have a whole new set of drinks and foods to choose from. Snacks and choices we haven’t seen since last year. Your natural inclination is to indulge. But see it for what it is; your food routine has been disrupted. This is the time of year where you have to take a fresh, new look at your food “wardrobe”. Even though your food choices have increased, reality is here to stay. In other words, some things will never change. Here are the tried and true realities to keep you on track:

-Calories count whether you eat them or drink them. Alcoholic drinks are liquid appetizers in disguise. Three drinks equals 3 appetizers.

-Be honest with yourself. You know when you are eating healthy and when you are not.

-Portion sizes do not change with the seasons. Continue to eat until you are slightly full. When you are done, you are done.

-Too much sugar in any form means extra weight. This includes fruit. Save fruit for a healthy dessert option.

-Increase your water intake in ounces and food

-Don’t be deceived. Regular chips and baked chips are basically the same, especially if you think you can eat more because baked seems healthier.

-Delicious sides like fresh guacamole, hummus and pesto are healthy but can pack a powerful punch if you are not careful. Pair these up with veggies instead of chips.

-Exercise continues to be the great equalizer, now and forever. Shake it baby!

-Stress is the number one reason for weight loss resistance. So don’t sweat it this summer.

And above all else, slow down, relax, enjoy!

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