Summertime, Summertime

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For some, summer is an easy time for losing weight. An over abundance of fresh produce and the body’s cravings for lighter, fresher foods makes warm weather weight loss a breeze.  For others, summer is a challenge.  BBQ’s, fruity drinks and lots of socializing make many opportunities to overeat. As always, there needs to be balance. So let’s look at some easy tweaks you can make to keep you sailing through to your goals.

 Summer is a great time to exercise, or to get moving in general. So take advantage of the fantastic weather to get physical! Take walks after dinner, swim, walk in the sand, bike ride, play volleyball, throw a Frisbee, etc. Exercise is the great equalizer. If you increase your activity levels, you will have some leeway when you do overindulge. Remember, increased exercise and lighter foods will get you to your goals with little effort.

 Yes, BBQ’s and outdoor socializing are some of the great joys of summer. You can lighten up here, by throwing shrimp or chicken breasts onto the grill next to the hot dogs. Also, all foods do not have to be slathered in BBQ sauce or mayonnaise. In fact, now is the time to really enjoy the rich flavors of seasonal fruits and veggies. When visiting friends always bring a healthy side dish like a light summer salad or grilled veggies. This way, you know there is something you can enjoy without feeling guilty. For desserts, always opt for fresh fruit. This is when fruit is at its sweetest; a dollop of fresh whipped cream and you are good to go.

 Now for the fruity drinks, or any drink for that matter—these calories count! If you are going to overindulge on the cocktails, then don’t overindulge on the fatty foods. Remember also, alcohol is very dehydrating. So stay well hydrated preferably with no-calorie water through the next few months. Add a slice of fresh fruit for flavor and interest.

 And last but not least, ice cream. What would summer be without it? Yes, you can enjoy this refreshing treat — but only on occasion. Once or twice a week is plenty. So decide in advance if you have to, when those times will be. Always opt for lighter varieties and never more than 1 scoop in a cone. Enjoy it!  In fact, isn’t that what summer is all about?

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