Super Simple 5-Step Summer Plan

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It’s summertime, and while we want to be healthy, trim and active, there is another side of us that just wants to kick back and have fun.

So why not make life easy and enjoyable without the guilt and extra poundage?

Here’s a Super Simple 5-Step Summer Plan to get you through the dog days of August.

1. Drink plenty of water. This will make you feel satiated, gives you tons of energy and helps to keep the metabolism humming. Aim for at least 8 glasses of pure water per day. I like to drink 4 glasses by 1:00 and another 4 glasses by 6:00 PM. Drink even more during exercise. If drinking water is tough for you, check out how I manage to flavor my aqua to make it easy to enjoy.

2. Increase your salad consumption. Get in the habit of a salad for lunch or a light dinner. It’s easy and quick, and this helps to crowd out other higher calorie foods. No fancy toppings; just veggies, protein and beans. Here’s a recipe for an easy vinaigrette.

3. Eat less. Yes, that’s right. Pay attention to your portion sizes. If your only exercise is lifting your head off the lounge chair, you have to cut back. Nothing drastic here, just leave ¼ on your plate. (My husband lost 20 lbs. by just eating ½ of everything.)

4. Exercise fun. Shake it up my friend! Truth be told, I have not stepped foot in the gym for over a month. The thought of being indoors just doesn’t do it for me right now. However, I still exercise every day in my basement and in the back yard. Any movement is better than no movement. Cut your workout in half, but increase your intensity (here’s an exercise tip). It is possible to get a great full-body burn in 30 minutes. Think summer, and add seasonal exercise into your routine; jump on the trampoline, swim or walk in the water, jump rope or hula hoop outdoors. If it’s fun you are more apt to do it. Try to work out first thing in the morning. Once your day begins the likelihood of sticking to your plan diminishes with every hour.

5. Don’t sweat it. Summer is a great time to reassess your health goals moving forward. Be kind to yourself and be appreciative of your efforts. Sometimes it’s good to kick back, so we can kick it up in the future, stronger than ever!

I hope you find this plan helpful.

Remember, good health is a practice and a lifestyle with ebbs and flows— keep improving and moving forward. Let it flow.

How do you stay fit and fabulous during the summer months? Leave a comment below and tell me your steps to success.

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