The Love Rule

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Here we are full-swingin’ into the Holidays! For weight loss, these are the toughest few weeks of the year. There will be traveling, socializing and yes, eating. It is unrealistic to think you will not enjoy some of your favorite treats. It is also unrealistic to try and lose weight during the holidays. The best you can do right now, is maintain.

Usually there are two trains of thought when it comes to festive eating. 

The first is to deprive yourself of your favorite foods, eat only salad and vegetables, skip all desserts and basically be miserable until next year when you get to do it all again.

The second is to eat everything in sight, throw caution to the wind and say, “”Hey, it’s Christmas!” Only to be faced with a larger, (depressed) version of yourself in January.

Well there is another option, and that is to eat smart with “The Love Rule.” Not every holiday has to be so black and white and miserable. Eating smart means eating only what you like. “Well of course I eat only what I like”, you think. But do you really? Most of us like to have a-little-bit-of-everything, and usually that means eating a lot of things you don’t really care for. What do you really love? What do you wait for every year until the next holiday rolls around? Eat some! The holidays are not a time to feel deprived.

The rule is deceptively simple. Think about your house. If I told you to throw out everything in it except those things that you absolutely loved, your house would be pretty empty wouldn’t it? The same goes for your stomach. If you eat only what you love, it cuts down on all the mindless “why not”, “what the heck”, “let me try just a little” calories that we eat out of habit.

Eating what you love does not have to be an exercise in excess either. So here’s how it works: When the appetizers start passing, look at what is offered and choose to have only a few of what you really love. (We’re talking your number one choice here). Unless you are the official taste-tester there is no reason to try all of them. Eating with abandon has nothing to do with being festive.

When dinner is served, again, what do you love? Those are the choices that land on your plate. Nothing else. Eating what you love also means eating in proportion. Have a reasonable portion of what you choose. No seconds. Eat slowly and savor every bite. Discover what it is about this food that makes it so special.

Dessert; you do the same. Have a small portion of what is your absolute favorite. If you are the type who wants to try all 3 pies (although I am certain that all 3 are not your absolute favorite), then have 3 narrow slices that equal 1 piece of pie. Do not have 3 smaller slices and imagine it equals one serving.

 If you stick to “The Love Rule” you can eat what you really want, feel satisfied, be content and yes, maintain your pre-holiday weight. Isn’t love the best present of all?

Happy Holidays!

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