The Road to Hell

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With the holidays blowing in fast and furious, it is important to know that you will encounter “days”. I call them The Road-to-Hell days, and we’ve all had them. You know, the days that start with the unintended blueberry scone and eggnog latte and spiral off from there. 

However,  it’s not the mess-up that causes damage to your waistline as much as it is the “oh well, I already blew it” attitude that follows. Throwing in the dishtowel for the rest of the day because of one slip-up is making a small indiscretion into a full-blown scandal. That’s because the “oh well” attitude can extend into the weekend, then the week, and before you know it you are into a whole new year!

The key is to acknowledge you went a little crazy and fix it. Don’t give up; self correct! Saving the day can start at the next meal or even the next bite. The faster you self-correct, the smaller the damage.

It is important to remember that everyone loses their resolve at one point or another. In fact, allowing yourself a slip-up now and then allows you to live a little. So have a recovery plan at the ready. Those who are the most successful at keeping the weight off are the ones who can get right back on track as soon as possible.

So the next time you find yourself traveling on the road to hell, get off at the nearest exit.

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