The Weight Gain Trifecta

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When it comes to gaining and losing weight, there are three things that will pack the pounds on the fastest. I call them the Weight Gain Trifecta. They are sugar, white carbs and alcohol. All three of these will wind up as unsightly belly and body fat, making you look puffy versus lean.

The reason for this, is that sugar and white carbs will turn to sugar (glucose) in the body, and excess sugar will always be stored as fat. Alcohol, when consumed with protein, carbs or fats, will postpone the fat burning process, because it will be the first fuel to be utilized by the body. Not to mention the empty calories these three foods provide.

Keep this trio in mind when you find yourself with the choice of a bowl of pasta, Italian bread and red wine OR grilled chicken, fresh veggies and iced tea. One meal will work with you; the other will stay with you.

So if you are looking for a fast way to a lean physique, the Weight Gain Trifecta has got to go. Bye-bye.

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