Today Is Tomorrow

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Everything you do today will have a direct affect on tomorrow. So it is important to understand that how you eat today (now) will determine how healthy you will be in the future. Foods can heal and foods can kill. Everything we put in our mouths will become part of the fabric of our bodily history.

It is easy to lose sight of this fact when we are eating just for the moment, or the fun of it, or to lose those last 10 pounds really quickly. Nothing exists in a vacuum. The people I know who started their day with a Tab and a cigarette, followed by gallons of coffee and poor food choices, have now aged into unhealthy, tired and depleted adults. Go figure.

The amazing thing about the human body though, is it can regenerate itself. You can get healthier everyday by making choices that support this goal. The body’s natural state is to be healthy and balanced. We hold the tool that can tip or maintain this equilibrium: a fork. Every car needs gas to drive, just as every body needs food to live. The quality of our fuel will determine how well we drive through life, or how quickly we get towed to the junkyard.

So think about the quality of your food as a yardstick for the quality of your existence. Life in itself is a movable feast, according to Hemingway.  There is no doubt that a great meal is worth living for; but we can also devour experiences instead of burgers, and drink in joy instead of caffeine or alcohol. For the most part, we want to live for today, but eat for tomorrow.

If you are what you eat, does that make you a Twinkie? What are you eating today that you know is not serving your future health? Leave a comment below.

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