Trick or Treat?

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Halloween – Is it a trick or treat? Well, it’s a little of both when you are trying to keep the weight loss momentum going. For some, eating no candy is the best strategy, because they know it will start an all-out binge. For others, a little can go a long way. And there will always be those who say, “Halloween? Bring it on!”

So what’s a girl to do when she wants to lose weight AND have her candy too?

First off, it’s good to know how much of a hold sugar has on you. For some people, this is where Halloween can get downright scary. If the thought of candy in the house makes you pace like a werewolf, then you shouldn’t buy your candy until the actual day. If you’re afraid the store will run out of candy, I am here to tell you it has never happened in the history of Halloween. In fact, stores are still trying to unload the stuff for weeks after.

An unopened bag of candy can be a burden too heavy to handle, or resist. Don’t bring the enemy into the house until it is ready to be given away. A lot of sugar has been consumed in the weeks following up to the big day, because having “just one” seemed like a good idea at the time. Have you ever purchased treats a week before, only to have to run out and buy more? Then you know what I mean.

Always buy candy that doesn’t call to you. In other words, there is candy that we love and some that we can really do without. Buy that kind. You are giving it away any way.

Which leads to another helpful tip, the last person to ring the bell gets whatever is left. Lucky kid! At my house we leave the bowl on the front stoop, and people are free to take as much as they like. Any leftovers are donated.

When your kids come home with their Halloween bags or pillowcases, take out a few of your favorite pieces and enjoy them! That’s right. Savor the sweet, the chewy and the chocolate-y. It is after all, a holiday. This means take the time to really taste it. Popping piece after piece in your mouth will not give you any satisfaction.

And remember, November 1st the holiday is over. That means no more raiding of the bags. Go back to good clean, healthy eating and no harm will be done. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! We know how hard it can be.

For those who will feel the pull to candy long after the last sweet bite is gone, you may want to avoid a taste test all together. I know it sounds cruel, but reactivating a sleeping sweet tooth can send you down a really slippery slope. And by the time you hit rock bottom, you may not recognize yourself.  Think about how good you will feel the next morning when you stick to your plan. It’s only one night…. You can do it.

And for those of you who get sucked right into the treat bag only to emerge at sunrise… well, tomorrow is another day. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t feel badly. Just know it will take a few days to find your balance again, and get right back on your weight loss plan. All is not lost.

So don’t be frightened by the thought of Halloween and all of its treats. There is a plan for everyone, just know in advance what yours will be. You’ll be fine.

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