Walk Right Through

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I see clients for many different reasons, but weight loss is on everybody’s hidden agenda. By the time a person enters my office or joins my class, they have tried it all; diets, cleanses, fasts, severe deprivation, and even outright starvation. When they get to me, they finally realize there is only one way to permanent weight loss. I like to say, you can’t go under it and you can’t go over it, you have to walk right through until you get to the other side. This means, no matter what you do, or how you do it, in the end you have to learn how to eat— or those last ten, twenty, thirty pounds will keep coming back like an uninvited guest.

Anything worth having is worth doing right. I’m sure you would agree that good health is worth having. Also, the peace of mind that comes with not having to scrutinize every bite and calorie is priceless. Healthy eating is here to stay, and if you want to stop the madness, you better get on board.

If you feed your body what it needs, in the correction proportions and combinations, you cannot help but see results. Ultimately the body is always looking for vitamins and minerals, the raw materials necessary to keep it running smoothly and staying strong. While many of us can eat in abundance, the choices we make are void of nutrients. It’s like filling your car with water and syrup, instead of gasoline and oil. Even though the tanks may be full, they are empty.

Knowledge is power. Oftentimes we believe we are eating well, when in fact, we are not. When you learn, really learn how to eat a clean, balanced and healthy diet you take back control of your health. You will always be able to make an educated choice as to what is best for you. Only then can you see diets for what they really are; temporary fixes. They will never be anything more.

So become a student of nutrition. Be open. Be curious. Get it right. It is never too late to learn, or to give your body what it is really craving— the taste of optimal health.

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