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Be honest.

You’ve heard this many times. But have you ever related it to weight loss?

Studies have shown that most women underestimate what they eat, and overestimate how much they exercise.

So this week let’s vow to get real, and be honest about what we might be doing to sabotage our efforts.

This is especially important now as the winter months drag on, and the scale seems to have a mind of its own.

Even though that little sniggly side of your self doesn’t really want to deal right now, you may be feeling a subtle panic as the pounds keep creeping on.

So here’s a little weight loss rescue 101.

For the next few days write down everything you eat; and I mean everything. The little bites, the furtive tastes, the tiny samples, and the harmless sips of soda.

Check and double-check your portion sizes. This means take whatever serving you would normally take, and then measure or weigh it. Notice how I am saying to take the portion size you would normally take first, and then weigh. By doing it in reverse, you can easily see where you may be overdoing things a bit.

At the end of the day, take a different color pen and circle or highlight all the areas that may be keeping you from reaching your goals. Actually seeing it on paper will give you a much more realistic picture of what is going on. Also, don’t forget to acknowledge all the great things you do throughout the day as well.

Next is exercise. Are you really doing as much as you think? If you are wanting to lose 30 lbs., that’s going to require a much bigger commitment than a person who is just looking to maintain.

Track how many times you actually get to the gym in any given week. Next, pay attention to the intensity of your workouts. Are you giving it your all and sweating from the roots of your hair? Or are you just going through the motions? If you don’t know, hire a trainer for a few sessions to kick your butt. Then answer the question; Are you giving exercise everything you’ve got, every time?

Time your workouts from when you step into the gym, and when you leave. How much of that time is spent changing, socializing, and actually working out? Be honest. If your goal is to workout 30 minutes a day, that means the exercise portion must be 30 minutes. Anything else, is wasted time and keeping you from your calorie-burning goals.

After one week of logging your food and tracking your exercise, you should have a pretty good idea of where your weak spots are. Strengthen the areas that are lagging.

Following these few easy steps should help you to refocus, and put you back on your path to success.

Like anything in life, honesty is always the best policy. You know what to do, now do it.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you discovered. Were you surprised?

Weight Loss SOS

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  1. This is so true> I have actually done this before but I lost concentration along the way.Anyways it was good suggestion. My weight loss journey actually brought the best out of me

    sconda April 9, 2014 at 11:15 pm #
    • Yes, we can learn a lot about ourselves by the foods that we eat. Recommit and start again. I know you can do it!

      Annette Alfieri April 10, 2014 at 1:04 am #

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